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Cloud File Storage and Sharing

Cloud Drive is now available when you upgrade to Rackspace Email Plus. With Cloud Drive, every user on your domain can store, access, sync and share their files from anywhere on practically any device.

  • 30 GB of secure cloud file storage
  • Access files from anywhere at any time
  • Desktop app for quick and easy file syncing
  • Protect against HD crashes or computer theft
  • File-sharing via public folders

Edit, Store, and Share Office Docs - Online!

With our new online (Microsoft Office compatible) apps and editors, you can open, edit, and save Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files online - through the Rackspace Webmail interface.

You can also automatically save your files in Cloud Drive so that they're with you no matter what computer you're on.

Mobile Sync for Calendars and Contacts

With Rackspace Email Plus, you’ll also get Mobile Sync to keep your email, calendars, and contacts always synchronized with Rackspace Webmail on your iOS, Android, or Windows device.


Email Users

If you use Rackspace Email but do not have access to the administrative Control Panel, you’ll need help to upgrade your account. Ask your IT administrator to do the upgrade for you. This person is usually the company owner, the IT person, or even your boss.

If you don't know who your administrator is, let us contact them on your behalf.

IT Administrators

If you're the IT admin or owner of your Rackspace Email account, upgrading is a snap.

Simply log-in to your admin control panel and click the "Upgrade" button on the RSE Plus Banner.

Log-in to your

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Desktop Sync

See how easy it is to sync your files and folders with Desktop Sync for Rackspace Cloud Drive on Windows and Mac.

Public Files

See how you can collaborate with your coworkers with the Public Files feature in Rackspace Cloud Drive.

Cloud Drive Tour

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